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Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Flagler College is unique and selective. It is designed for those undergraduate students who have the courage, desire and discipline to begin thinking for themselves and making their own artistic meanings. The BFA is led by Fine Arts professors who are driven to teach and make art. As a faculty, we are fully committed to informing, challenging and nurturing the next generation of artists in finding their voice, making beautiful objects and generating new art experiences in any media or process they wish to explore including community practice, drawing, video, installation, painting, sculpture and more. Students who successfully complete the BFA program at Flagler College have a capstone exhibition in the Crisp Ellert Museum on campus.

Program Description

The BFA Program is an intense studio experience designed to cultivate creative action through rigorous exploration in material and concept.  This program is recommended for students who plan to pursue advanced studies in a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program.  Graduating seniors in the BFA program exhibit their work in the beautiful Crisp Ellert Museum on campus at the end of each semester.

The BFA is a highly selective program in which only the most accomplished students in the fine art program will gain admission.  Applicants will be selected based upon the quality of their portfolio, grades, and faculty recommendations.

Students will apply to the BFA Program through the BFA Portfolio Review, held in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year.  Transfer students may apply for admission to the program after their first semester at Flagler College.

Major Requirements

Students enrolled in the BFA are required to take a minimum of 79 hours.

Required Courses
ART 105 Drawing and Composition I
ART 106 Drawing and Composition II
ART 218 Visual Culture
ART 225 Two-Dimensional Materials and Concepts
ART 226 Three-Dimensional Materials and Concepts
ART 251 Survey of Art History I
ART 252 Survey of Art History II
ART 302 Painting I
ART 304 Contemporary Drawing Practices
ART 305 Sculpture
ART 352 Art History III
ART 496 Exhibit Portfolio I
ART 497 Exhibit Portfolio II (BFA)

Fine Art Studio Electives / approved art courses (31 credits)

ART 204 Image Studio (4)
ART 241 Photography I (4)
ART 308 Figure Drawing (4)
ART 310 Metals (4)
ART 315 Ceramic Sculpture (4)
ART 318 Figure Painting (4)
ART 325 Illustration I (4)
ART 337 Screen Printing (4)
ART 338 Intaglio Printing (4)
ART 339 Relief Printing (4)
ART 340 Special Topics (4)
ART 341 Photography II (4)
ART 348 Book Arts (4)
ART 401 Creativity: The Art of Possibilities (3)
ART 402 Painting II (4)
ART 405 Sculpture II (4)
ART 408 Figure Drawing II (4)
ART 409 Art Study Abroad (1-4)
ART 410 Study Away New York (1)
ART 433 Video Art (4)
ART 434 Socially Engaged Art (4)
ART 440 Selected Topics (4)
ART 491 Independent Study (1-4)
ART 492 Independent Study (1-4)
ART 493 Independent Study (1-4)

4 Year Plan

 Checklist to Graduate in 4 years


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