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Fine Arts Major or Minor

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Art & Design Portfolio Shows

Art & Design Portfolio Shows
Thursday, May 1, 2014
Our bi-annual exhibition of works by Flagler College’s graduating B.F.A. and B.A. candidates from the Department of Art and Design. 
Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) Portfolio Show 
Crisp-Ellert Art Museum 
5-9 p.m. 
Bachelor of Art (BA) Portfolio Show 
Crisp-Ellert Art Museum
5-9 p.m. 
Graphic Design Senior Portfolio Show
Ringhaver Student Center, Virginia Room 
7-9 p.m.  

Graduate Success: Kat D'Elia

Graduate Success Story: Kathryn D’Elia

As a fine art major at Flagler College, Kathryn D’Elia was known for creating works that pushed boundaries and explored unusual thinking.

Read more about Kat

Program Description

If you are a driven, creative and freethinking person dedicated to exploring your own expressive potential, the Fine Arts major may be for you. Flagler College offers a Fine Arts faculty dedicated to the artistic growth of each individual student. Our program combines traditional modes of study such as drawing, painting and sculpture, with the freedom to invent new forms of visual and conceptual meaning in advanced courses.

Flagler College offers a highly regarded Fine Arts program that involves students in formally rigorous and conceptually challenging studio investigations. Fine Arts students will experience an inspired faculty of professional artists, a thorough foundations program and the freedom to explore their own creative visions. Areas of studio concentration include drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking and more.

For those students with ambitions involving graduate study, the Art Department offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. This program includes advanced studio classes designed to help young artists develop a body of work that is coherent and compelling. The BFA is an honors program within the Fine Arts Department, and each student who earns this degree will have a one-person exhibit in Carrera Gallery upon graduation.

Major Requirements:

A minimum of 62 semester hours is required, including ART 105, 106, 218, 225, 226, 251, 252, 302, 304, 305, 352, 496, plus an additional 18 hours of studio electives and/or approved art courses.

Minor Requirements:

A minimum of 27 semester hours, including ART 105, 106, 225, 226, 251 or 252 or 218, plus two Fine Art Studio electives from 300 or above.