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Thank you to Our Note Takers

Note takers are very important to the success of program access for some students. Thank you for providing this important service. When taking notes please keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Attend class each time it meets. Contact the Professor as soon as possible if you cannot attend that day.
  • Arrive at class on time. Important announcements are made at the beginning of class. Be careful to include when assignments are due or exams will be given.
  • Record all references, assignments and special notices accurately and in detail.
  • Number, title, and date each page.
  • Write clearly and legibly. Printing may be preferred.
  • Record all the principle points made by the instructor.
  • Write in sufficient detail so that the notes have meaning without additional explanation.
  • Include all diagrams, examples and board work notes. Organize material clearly.
  • Spell correctly
  • Do not use abbreviations unless they are commonly accepted or defined in the notes.
  • Keep your personal opinions out of your notes.
  • If you miss something during the lecture, leave a blank in your notes and fill it in after class or check with the professor.
  • Make sure your notes will go through both sides of the carbonless paper.
  • Give a copy of the notes to the professor and keep a copy for yourself.

Once again, thank you so much for your assistance with this service. If you wish to receive a letter of appreciation to verify Community Service Hours please contact OSSD. We will be happy to write one for you.