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If a student is eligible for note taking services, it will be noted on the instructor’s copy of the accommodation letter. Sometimes a student that is eligible for this service may not need it for all of his/her classes. Therefore, verify with the student that he/she will require this service for your class. If the student needs a note taker for your class, then the student should provide you with a note taker packet.

There are several options for securing a note taker. You and the OSSD registered student should decide on which option to utilize:
1. The registered student may know of a possible note taker.
2. Instructor makes an announcement at the start of class or sends a class email (do not identify the student) that a note taker is needed for this class.
3. Instructor can recruit a note taker. Observe students’ classroom traits e.g. attendance, listening skills, participation, etc. Once you have identified a likely recruit, approach that student and request his/her assistance in filling a vital class need.
4. Instructor may supply the OSSD student with copies of their own course notes, power-points, and lecture materials. If this is the option chosen, the student must sign an agreement for receiving course lecture materials.
5. If you are still having trouble securing a note taker, contact the OSSD. It is critical that a student who qualifies for this service receive this service.

Instructions for recording notes are included for the note taker in the packet. Note taking services are not intended to be a substitute for class attendance unless other arrangements have been made with OSSD.

Important points to remember:

  • It is important that you keep the student’s identity confidential.
  • Please ask the student if they prefer notes in print or cursive form.
  • Please look over the notes before handing them to the designated student for quality and accuracy
  • Please have the note taker contact the OSSD if a letter of appreciation to verify Community Service is desired.