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Flagler College - A Distinctive Approach to Academics

Career Services

Student Testimonial: Emily Youngman

Whether it is the quality of academic programming, the beauty of our campus and setting, or the unparalleled value we afford students and families, Flagler College has been recognized as among the best in the nation.

The distinctive approach that makes a Flagler College education a unique experience is echoed in the Office of Career Services. Our goal is to help develop a career plan that meets each student’s personal and professional goals. Resources are available to assist students in choosing a major, developing a career plan, and looking for internships, employment, or graduate programs. We host a variety of events throughout the academic year focused on student career exploration, professional growth, and networking. Additionally, the Office of Career Services manages the Flagler College Four-Year Plan. 

The Four-Year Plan is designed to insure that all Flagler College students receive comprehensive education in career planning including developing goals, professional communication, researching occupations and careers paths, as well as the mechanics of an effective job search. A unique program, the Four-Year Plan at Flagler College begins in the freshman year as other colleges do by providing recommendations for activities that help students explore themselves in relation to careers. Our sophomores continue with specific recommendations that prompt them to begin researching potential occupations and careers. As students enter their junior and senior years, they move into the processes of education and action by completing a required career course and professional development activities that will help them begin making the transition upon graduation from student to professional.

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