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Flagler College - A Distinctive Approach to Academics

Academic Advising

Student Testimonial: Emily Youngman

Whether it is the quality of academic programming, the beauty of our campus and setting, or the unparalleled value we afford students and families, Flagler College has been recognized as among the best in the nation.

Academic Advisement

Advisement plays an important role in guiding a student through his or her educational experience. A distinctive characteristic of the educational program at Flagler is the emphasis placed on teaching as well as advising. Students at Flagler College participate in two forms of advising:

First Year Experience Program

The Purpose of Flagler College’s first year experience program is to aid the transition of new students into a campus community that is dedicated to the academic success and personal development of every student.

Upperclass Advising

As students progress into their sophomore, junior and senior years, they will be assigned to a full-time faculty advisor. These full-time faculty advisors assist students in planning their educational program, selecting specific courses to satisfy degree requirements, clarifying procedures, and responding to questions and concerns. Advisors and students are typically paired up based on the student's field of study.

Advising at Flagler is carried on as a continuous process rather than a periodic service. To this end, students are encouraged to meet regularly with their advisors to monitor their progress in achieving their educational and personal goals.