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Town and Gown Initiative

The purpose of the Town and Gown Task Force is to foster and facilitate a positive and mutually beneficial relationship among the College, City and Community.

A New Town and Gown Task Force Committee

St. Augustine, Fla. — Flagler College will continue to foster open communication channels between the campus and the city of St. Augustine with the creation of the Town and Gown Advisory Committee — an extension of the Town and Gown Task Force, which disbanded in June of 2015 after presenting its final report and recommendations.
Members of the advisory committee held its inaugural meeting on May 25 and elected John Versaggi, former task force member, committee chair and Clyde Taylor III (Lincolnville resident) committee vice-chair.

New Town and Gown Task Force
(Left to right, front row- Laura Stevenson Dumas, Becky Greenburg, John Versaggi, Irene Arriola, Susan Rathbone. Back row- Dan Stewart, Clyde Taylor III. Not pictured- Paige Armstrong and Judith Seraphin)

“I am happy that the Town & Gown Advisory Committee was continued and am pleased to serve as this year's chairman,” said Versaggi, who represents the Flagler Model Land Neighborhood Association. “Last year's task force delivered 12 recommendations intended to improve overall relations of the college, its students and city residents.  Most have been implemented and some need added emphasis in the upcoming year.”

Our Goal

The Town and Gown Advisory Committee will serve as a channel for representatives from the college and community to discuss mutually relevant issues that impact the campus and city. These issues may include, but are not limited to, items identified by the Town and Gown Task Force, such as student behavior, mobility, transparency of growth, and derelict housing/landlord responsibilities. The advisory committee will also review the City of St. Augustine’s Citizen Review Survey results and utilize those results as a benchmark for improving communication. The committee will make recommendations to the City of St. Augustine Commission and staff and Flagler College administration regarding programs or policies they deem relevant to improving the relationship between the city, college and residents.

  • Town and Gown Task Force Members:
    • John Versaggi
      Chair, Town and Gown Task Force
    • Resident, Flagler Model Land Company Neighborhood Association
    • Clyde Taylor III 
    • Vice-Chair, Town and Gown Task Force
    • Resident, Lincolnville
    • Paige Armstrong
      Student Government Association
      Flagler College
    • Irene Arriola
      Downtown Business Owner
    • Laura Stevenson Dumas
      Director of College Relations
      Flagler College

    • Becky Greenberg
      Flagler Model Land Company Neighborhood Association
    • Susan Rathbone
      Chair, St. Augustine North Davis Shores Neighborhood Association
    • Judith Seraphin
      Lincolnville Neighborhood Association
    • Dan Stewart, Ed. D.
      VP of Student Services
      Flagler College

For more information about the Town and Gown Task Force please contact or (904) 819-6205.

2016-2017 Progress Report

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Town & Gown Progress Report

Final Report- 2015 Task Force

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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Footprint for Town & Gown

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