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Historic St. Augustine
Historic St. augustine research institute
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Funded Research


The Historic St. Augustine Research Institute provides small grants to the Research Associates for the support of  historical, archeological or historic-preservation related research on St. Augustine.  Funded research projects have included:


Florida History OnlineDr. Dan Schafer "Synopsis of Official Spanish Correspondence Pertaining to Relations with the Uchiz Indians, 1771-1783."  
This project will make critical documents for understanding Spanish-Indian relations in second Spanish period St. Augustine available online.  This will be part of the “Florida History Online” project directed by Daniel Schaefer of the University of North Florida.


Dr. Cusick / Mr. Carl Halbirt "Spanish Identity and Household Daily Life in 2nd Spanish period St. Augustine: A Historical-Archaeological Research Study."  
Research Associates James Cusick, Kathleen Deagan and Carl Halbirt collaborate in this project  to undertake an interdisciplinary study of daily life in second Spanish period St. Augustine. Archaeological remains from individual Spanish households of the 1784-1821 period (excavated by Carl Halbirt) will be analyzed by University of  Florida graduate student Deborah Mullins, and integrated with the documentary information about those same households found in the Spanish archives at the P.K.Yonge Library of Florida history (directed by James Cusick) at the University of Florida.



FortDr. Susan Parker  “Research in Spanish and English document collections relevant to eighteenth century St. Augustine.”
Susan Parker’s study focuses on the social changes brought about in Spanish Florida by the heightened military response to permanent English presence in the southeast after 1670. Research in the South Carolina archives and in Spanish documents held in Tallahassee, Florida revealed how  personal-level connections and enmities in the southeast counted for as much as, or more than, the international wars and rivalries that emanated from Europe.


PotsMr. Carl Halbirt  "Creating a Web Site for the City of St. Augustine Archaeology Program."
Funds were provided to Carl Halbirt to create a website for the City of St. Augustine Archaeology Program.  The website, when completed, will provide on-line access to the city’s archaeological projects, their results, and the artifact collections they have generated .



Uncle Jack SitikiDr. Patricia Griffin  "The Story of Uncle Jack Sitiki: An African Slave in St. Augustine." 
A historical and anthropological study of the 19th century narrative of Uncle Jack Sitiki, who was a former slave of historian Buckingham Smith in St. Augustine.  His was a remarkable individual story, and provides a rare first-person glimpse into African slave life in the Oldest City.


East Florida PapersDr. James Cusick "Digitization the Calendar of the East Florida Papers for use on the web."  
Jim Cusick's digitization of the calendar cards produced for the East Florida Papers provide online access to all surviving Spanish government papers that originated at St. Augustine in 1784-1821.


The St. Augustine Hurrican of 1811Dr. Sherry Johnson "The St. Augustine Hurricane of 1811".  
Sherry Johnson’s  research tells the story of the hurricane that hit St. Augustine in 1811, and demonstrates how a meteorological event can have a major impact on political policy and change.



ExcavationsDr. Kathleen Deagan  “Excavations at the original site of St. Augustine: The  Menéndez Encampment, 1565-66”  Archaeological excavations were directed by Kathleen Deagan at the Fountain of Youth Park site in St. Augustine, to uncover remains of the first Spanish settlement of 1565.


Martin Johnson Heade in FloridaUniversity Press of Florida  Support for the publication of  Martin Johnson Heade in Florida
by Roberta Smith Favis (2003)