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Historic St. Augustine
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Historic St. Augustine

Towering spires. Majestic oaks and swaying palms. Quaint brick streets. 

A walk through St. Augustine and through the pristine historic campus of Flagler College, is a walk through a tropical paradise in a place where time seems to stands still. The oldest continuously occupied European settlement in continental United States, St. Augustine was founded by Spanish explorer Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés in September 1565 and today remains a shining jewel in Florida’s tourism economy.

Castello de San Marcos at sunset

But anyone who thinks St. Augustine is for old-timers hasn’t been to St. Augustine. Rich in history but vibrant with contemporary lifestyle, St. Augustine offers a mix of art, music, fine dining, casual eateries, sporting events and shopping that makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Southeast. And at Flagler College, you’ll be directly at the heart of this bustling town center—a place where your life fits your style.

And did we mention the beach? With more than 40 miles of pristine natural beaches that will take your breath away, St. Augustine offers an oceanfront refuge like none other. These are the same beaches that stopped Ponce de León in his tracks in 1513, the same beaches hotly contested by the British and the Spanish for ages, the same beaches on which the Timucuan Indians once made their home. And the travel time from downtown campus to shore break? Under ten minutes, tops.

Beach at sunset with surfers

“I think a willingness to learn is a quality that’s necessary…just being able to not only work with material but take the material home, be able to discuss it, be able to try to understand it, and debate with other people as to what it is.”
Dec 23, 2014
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