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Travis Beaver: Faculty and Staff

Travis Beaver
Assistant Professor


Social Sciences

Research, Professional and Creative Activity:

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Beaver, Travis. 2016. “Roller Derby Uniforms: The Pleasures and Dilemmas of Sexualized

Attire.” International Review for the Sociology of Sport. 51(6): 639-657.

Beaver, Travis. 2012. “‘By the skaters, for the skaters’ The DIY Ethos of the Roller Derby Revival.”

                 Journal of Sport and Social Issues. 36(1): 25-49.

Book Reviews

Beaver, Travis. 2015. Review of the book Straights: Heterosexuality in Post-Closeted Culture, by

                 James Joseph Dean. Men and Masculinities. 18(5): 633-635.

Professional Profile:

Dr. Travis Beaver earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Texas at Austin.  His primary research and teaching interests are in the areas of gender and sexuality, with a specific focus on men and masculinities.  His previous research includes a study of the women’s roller derby revival.  He has published two articles about roller derby in premier sociology of sport journals.  His current research project examines how the increasing visibility and acceptance of gays and lesbians has impacted heterosexual identities.  For this project, he conducted life history interviews with straight men who are “mistaken for being gay”.  These interviews explore how these men manage their heterosexual identity in a cultural context in which people who are not gender normative are assumed to be gay.  This project illuminates both shifts and continuities in contemporary heterosexual masculinities.

Teaching and Related Service:

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociological Research Methods
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Society
  • Men and Masculinities
  • Sociology of Sport
  • Sociology of Identity

Previously taught at:

  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Southwestern University
  • Colgate University

Co-Faculty Sponsor for Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Honors Society, Flagler Chapter

Senior Editorial Board, Journal of Undergraduate Ethnography

Ad Hoc Reviewer for Gender & Society; Men and Masculinities; Qualitative Sociology;

Journal of Sport and Social Issues; Leisure Sciences; Social Problems

More Information:

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