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Tracey Eaton: Faculty and Staff

Tracey Eaton
Assistant Professor



Research, Professional and Creative Activity:

• Fulbright scholar, carried out field study on myths and legends of Indians in the jungle. Traveled throughout the country by bus, foot, bush plane and dugout canoe, Quito, Ecuador
• Former editor, The Houston Chronicle
• Former Foreign Correspondent, Dallas Morning News
• Featured in Lords of the Mafia: Mexico, a documentary that aired on PBS and on Court TV in 2000
• Appeared in dozens of radio and television interviews with National Public Radio, the Jeff Rense Show, Voice of America, KERA in Dallas and others
• National Commission Against Drunk Driving Commendation Award, “Blood Border” series

Professional Profile:

Professor Eaton earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Rutgers and a Master’s degree in Journalism from Temple University.  Professor Eaton was the Dallas Morning News bureau chief in Cuba from 2000 to early 2005.  Before that, he headed the paper's Mexico City bureau. A former Fulbright scholar, he has been a journalist and photographer since 1983.  He has been a staff writer at seven daily newspapers, including the Miami Herald.  He was metropolitan editor at the Houston Chronicle before moving to Florida.  Along with his duties as a college professor, he writes for Miami-based CubaNews, Madrid-based Cubaencuentro and other publications. 

Teaching and Related Service:

Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • News and Feature Reporting
  • Magazine Writing
  • Writing for Mass Media
  • Photojournalism
  • International Communication

Previously taught at:

  • Colorado State University