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Nicholas Serenati: Faculty and Staff

Nicholas Quin Serenati
Director of Television



Research, Professional and Creative Activity:


My focus as an interdisciplinary scholar-artist is defined by an arts-based research methodology that explores the potential of medium and discipline in liminal spaces. With a practice rooted in locating one’s place, I employ video, creative writing, photography, sound, installation and performance to investigate forming situations that direct my research around illness experience and metaphor. Through this intellectual practice, I deeply engage the creation of meaning – form and function – and the articulation of story throughout my process. Themes of trauma, identity, illness, disability, experimental narrative, social constructivism, sound and language are all contributing foundations to the discourse of my art practice. It is the intention of my practice to investigate phenomena as a way of achieving profound theoretical, philosophical and artistic knowledge.


"Illness is a Window: Reframing Leukemia through Dharma Art"
The Embodiment of Political Evil, Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press
Forthcoming ISBN#: 978-1-84888-490-8
"Crossing Boundaries" – digital art, The 14th Annual Academic Conference, Boundaries Cincinnati, Oh 2013
"Freedom" – digital art, The 13th Annual Academic Conference, Voice, Cincinnati, Oh 2012
Conference Presentations:

"Illness is a Window: Reframing Leukemia through Dharma Art", The 3rd Annual Arts and Humanities in Medicine Symposium at Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona, November 4th-5th, 2016

"The Structure of Illness Space: Identifying the Correlates between Illness Experience and Gaston Bachelard's The Poetics of Space", The 3rd Annual Arts and Humanities in Medicine Symposium at Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, Arizona, November 4th-5th, 2016

“Misconceptions: A Reading into Illness Experience”, 1st Annual Scholarship 20/20 at Flagler College, Saint Augustine, Florida, November 2nd, 2016

"Illness is a Window: Reframing Leukemia through Dharma Art", The 6th Annual Global Conference, Trauma: Theory and Practice, Budapest, Hungary, March 11th-13th,  2016

“Moving Image Toward Critical Pedagogy”, World Arts Film Festival, Jacksonville, Fl, October 12th, 2013

“Seeing Beyond the Trees: Interdisciplinary Methods for Creative-Based Research”, Arts Schools Network, Columbia College at Chicago, Ill, October 9th-13th, 2012

“Interdisciplinary Approaches to Metaphor Construction”, The Cummer Museum, Jacksonville, Fl. February 10th, 2012

"Misconceptions", Suffering: Sources, Meanings, Responses, Voice 13th Annual Academic Conference, Cincinnati, Oh. July 9th-17th 2012

"Humanscapes: Art as Interdisciplinary Pursuit", Engaging Ambiguities 12th Annual Academic Conference. Cincinnati, Oh. January 3rd-12th, 2011

Creative Activity:

(The following list consists of official film selections, award-winning works and commissioned pieces)

2016   The Structure of Illness Space – experimental documentary

2014   The ReFraming of Leukemia - photography, video and poetry series

2013   Reclaiming Experiential Residue: Misconceptions – video and poetry series

2012   Distorted – 3-way channel algorithm video (Max 5 / Jitter)

2011   Fragments of an Illness – experimental documentary

           Humanscapes – photography and poetry series

           At The Crossroads of Unrest – experimental film travelogue (Egypt)

2009   Movement x Spectrum – video installation

           Crossing Boundaries: An Experiment in Vision and Sound –experimental short film

           Planting Hope – Special Program short film

           Bound – mix-media sculpture

2008   Crisis In Space – video and mix-media sculpture installation

           Find the Cost of Freedom – photography series

2007   Soul Survivor: An Evolution of Beauty – experimental documentary 

           Voyeur – experimental short film

           Handle With Care – short film                      

           Rural Riches – photography series

           Time – short film

2006   The Journey Through Dovewood – short documentary

2005   Down on Ate – experimental short film

2004   In The Shadows – experimental documentary

Teaching and Related Service:

COM 213 – Media Literacy

COM 216 – Film History

COM 331 – Film & Genre

COM 335 – Television & Contemporary Society

COM 337 – National Film Movements

COM 481, 482, 483 – Flagler College Television Internship

More Information:


Ph.D. – Union Institute & University

M.F.A. – Goddard College

B.A. – Flagler College